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*Since we are continuously receiving partnership/advertisement requests, the expected time frame for your brokerage to be listed on our website is about a month or so.

*Please understand that, we sometimes decide to not list your brokerage by considering your service.

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Looking to grow markets in Japan?

Thank you for subscribing our website 「Minna de Kaigai FX」!!

This is a world-wide Forex & CFD portal for Japanese traders managed by John flowers and 2 other staffs.

Our aim is to create the biggest Forex & CFD portal for Japanese clients and make it more accessible to the unstoppable growing Forex & CFD markets.

Our representatives have deep internal knowledge of Forex & CFD markets since one of us has directly worked in the management level of the Exchange FX Margin Contracts Click365, he is also familiar with stocks market.

One other staff has worked for one of the biggest investment bank in the world and a Forex & CFD broker. He is well aware of the global Forex & CFD markets’ trading environment and internal situation in brokers.

As our whole knowledge and the professional experience enables us to create the biggest Forex & CFD portal for Japanese traders, we are here to offer the sponsorship to financial companies upon requests.

Please contact us anytime, our service is available in English and Japanese.

Other features

  • All managed by professionals with experiences in finance
  • More than 10 years of experience with SEO in Google and Bing.
  • No excessive contents to ruin your reputation
  • No illegal activities or even something risky
  • We will assist the understanding of information for clients with online helps (FAQ)

Other sponsorship contract

Just to be the best examples for this sponsorship program, please find some of our products below.

FXP Rebate
Introducing the Cash back community of FxPro
Minnade Land-FX
Exclusive introducing website for Land-FX
Minnade IronFX
Exclusive introducing website for IronFX

All the websites have been approved by the introduced brokers and followed by the compliance policy by the primary company.

Contents of the posts

Contract as an IB

  • Summary of the your service (Index.)
  • FAQ(including the FAQ from the official website.)
  • Reviews from users
  • News information(including the News from the official website.)
IB commissions

We need you to provide us with the company logo with white background, which needs to be more than 300px on the side.

Adobe Illustrator (.ai), jpg, png as the file format is appreciated.

We can work together to achieve your own objective, looking forward to your ideas!

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